Completed reviews

Review title Date publicly released File type
Communication and engagement in livestock export regulation (Submissions) 6 April 2023 PDF [936 KB]
Word [939 KB]
Livestock export licences and approved arrangements (Submissions) 11 October 2022 PDF [1.12 MB]
Word [1.28 MB]
Livestock export permit systems and processes (Submissions) 24 November 2021 PDF [2.9 MB]
Word [2.07 MB]
Review of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System 28 June 2021 PDF [2.1 MB]
Word [1.2 MB]
Implementation of Moss Review recommendations (Submissions) 15 December 2020 PDF [1.0 MB]
Word [698 KB]
Monitoring and reporting during livestock export voyages (Submissions) 2 March 2020

PDF [2.36 MB]
Word [5.48 MB]


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