Who is the Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports?

Photo of Dr Michael Bond

The Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Act 2019 received royal assent on 3 October 2019. The position was established as part of the Australian Government’s response to the Moss Review, and the associated McCarthy Review – the independent review of Australia’s live animal exports arrangements.

Dr Michael Bond was appointed under section 14 of the Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Act 2019 as the acting Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports for 12 months commencing on 22 August 2023.

The Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports Act 2023 received royal assent on 6 November 2023. Dr Bond is the acting IGAWLAE until 21 August 2024 or until the substantive appointment of a person to that position (however described) under section 13 of the IGAWLAE Act.

Dr Bond started his career as a Veterinary Pathologist in the West Australian Department of Agriculture. After investigating causes of mortalities in several live sheep shipments to the Middle East, Dr Bond was seconded to the Fars Industrial Meat Complex, Shiraz, Iran during 1976/77. His major objective was to improve the welfare of the Australian and Iranian sheep housed at the Complex. He investigated causes of mortalities, initiated vaccination and disease control programs, designed and established a diagnostic laboratory, and trained a team of laboratory technicians.

On returning to WA, Dr Bond was appointed Manager Carcass Classification, then Regional Manager (Southwest) in the Department of Agriculture. In 1991, Dr Bond was appointed Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Quarantine Officer (Animals) for WA. During this time, he also chaired the WA Veterinary Surgeons' Board, and contributed to several State and National bodies, related to animal health, welfare and production.

During this time, he was elected President of the Australian Veterinary Association (WA Division).

After leaving the WA Department of Agriculture in 1998, Dr Bond undertook several international consultancies, involving extensive patent searches for medical and veterinary devices and instruments. He also prepared Regulations for the new WA Animal Welfare Act, after extensive industry and community consultation.

In 2003, Dr Bond assisted in the unloading of sheep from the Cormo Express, in Eritrea. He then participated in the Livestock Export Review (Keniry Review), which advocated sweeping changes to Australia's livestock export industry.

In 2004, Dr Bond was appointed CEO of Animal Health Australia, participating in several biosecurity emergency responses and simulation exercises, often coordinating the various (Australian and State) government, industry and community agencies/organisations.

In 2013, Dr Bond was appointed Interim Inspector General Biosecurity for three years, undertaking several major investigations and reviews of animal and plant imports.


  • B.V.Sc. (Hons) — University of Queensland
  • B.Sc. — University of Western Australia
  • Member, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK)
  • Diploma in Advanced Management — University of WA
  • Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors

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