Work program

Work program

Following the passage of amendment legislation (the Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports Act 2023) Dr Michael Bond remains the acting Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports.

Review plan 2024

The Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports (IGLAE) position was established as part of the government’s response to the independent 'Review of the Regulatory Capability and Culture of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Regulation of Live Animal Exports September 2018' undertaken by Mr Philip Moss AM. Specifically Recommendation 15.

The IGAWLAE reviews the performance of functions and exercise of powers by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (the department) in regulating livestock exports under the Export Control Act 2020.

The IGAWLAE’s review program is independent from internal audit and performance management programs of the department and completed reviews are publicly available. Ongoing consultation and future events may result in modification to the topics and scope of these proposed reviews.

Schedule of reviews

Independent observer program

A review of the department’s implementation and management of the Independent Observer Program.

This review will examine:

  • how effective the Independent Observer Program provides regulatory assurance on the transport of livestock for export by sea
  • the processes, policies and systems that support the department’s Independent Observer Program
  • the department’s risk-based approach to deploying Independent Observers 
  • the potential use of alternative monitoring technology aboard ships
  • what, if any improvements, should be made to the current arrangements.

Implementation of Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports recommendations

A review of the department’s progress in implementing the 41 agreed recommendations from the previous 6 IGLAE reviews.

The review will examine:

  • the department’s formal response to each recommendation
  • subsequent actions against each recommendation
  • whether closed recommendations have fulfilled the original intention/purpose
  • progress and reporting of the implementation of recommendations
  • effectiveness and timeliness of ongoing communication with stakeholders
  • what if any improvements could be made to future IGAWLAE recommendations.

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